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well needless to say when my footrest came lose and the screw fell out, i called the number on the insarance card i had purchased at the time of buying my sofa set. well they sent me a letter saying that they won't fix it.

even though it clearly states on the panphlet that they cover it. i never use the foot rest. i have no pets and i maintain a very clean home. i paid good money for the furniture and the so called "insurance" for it.

and then when i called they gave me the run around. I hate bob's, i hate guardsman. it's all just a big scam to get your money. discount furniture my ***.

they sell a bunch of junk. and you know they know it's junk cause they won't even take the time to come fix it. your trying to tell me they couldn't send me even a new screw? i think it's all a bunch of B.S.

they better seriously consider treating there customers right, because i tell you what one of these days a disgrunteled customer is gonna go in there and raise some ***, possibly hurt someone. oh yeah by the way Bob if your reading this why don't you go snort some more cocaine you junkie.

that's probably why your furniture is ***. the money for the materials is going up your nose.

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Bristol, England, United Kingdom #611231

I have also just been ripped off by guardsman, bought a lazy boy leather 3 piece 14 months ago and noticed a few weeks ago that one of the arms had come loose, got in touch with guardsman who sent around an arrogant assessor, he told me that he thought it was wear and tear, its hardly been used!! had a letter from guardsman to say that they would not pay, luckily lazyboy agreed that it was a fault which should have been covered by the insurance but have offered to repair, why the *** did we buy the insurance as it doesn't seem to cover anything, my next emails are to trading standards and watchdog.

Princeton, New Jersey, United States #591201

I purchased a sofa set 3 years ago from J/C along with a 5 year protection plan from Guardsman. One of my sofas began to start peeling for some reason.

i called up Guardsman just recently to file a claim. The representative took my information and told me someone would contact me. So, I just got a letter from guardsman saying that my claim was denied because I took to long to report the damages since it happened. I dont recall when i told them i noticed the damage but it was pretty recent.

This insurance is a SCAM! I will never buy it again and Id rather buy new furniture than to deal with these fraudsters.


I have been ripped off too, my cushions have turned into pancakes and they admitted there is some loss of resistance in them but saying they won't do anything because it's within their tolerance. Well it's not within my tolerance, I paid nearly £1500 for the sofa and it's rubbish!!!


I was also ripped off. I purchased a leather sofa and love seat (full grain) and got the insurance which was no inexpensive.

A few weeks ago, I accidently put a hot plate on the arm of the sofa and it burned off the leather.

I properly filed a claim through Guardsman's rather complicated and byzantine process. They refused the claim immediately and an ignoramus I spoke to said "it's not covered" even though the insurance policy clearly said that burns are covered.

When I pointed this out, the man on the phone said it wasn't covered. When I asked under what part of the policy he pointed to a paragraph that says something to the effect "anything not covered isn't covered." I repeated that burns are covered and he repeated it wasn't a burn.

I offered to present an affidavit that I burned it and he said it would do no good.

I am a lawyer.

this is called "fraud." DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GUARDIAN. The furniture company who sold me the sofa made good on the claim, but Guardsman did the wrong thing.


I have been ripped off by the Guardsman as well. I think we need to file with the commissioner of insurance on this. They will have much more clout than we have, dealing with them.


i to fell foul to the insurance iwas told by valspar that i could claim once for pet damage thats not what the paper work from the furniture store states

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