Gilbert, Arizona
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As the other complaints mention, Mor Furniture convinced us to purchase the warranty on our new leather furniture. When we an unidentifible stain /damage arose, Guardsman put me through the ringer.

After mailing in the claim request, I had to call at least 7 times to follow up. They even made me call the Mor store multiple times because the receipt wasn't itemized enough for their liking. I jumped through hoops for 7 weeks just to be told that they weren't coming to look at this mystery stain because I couldn't identify it. WHAT A CROCK!!!!!

I'm so pissed that I'm not sure I will even shop at Mor Furniture again.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Guardsman Claim.

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I regret buying that *** "protection" plan. Waste of money.

They have denied our claims twice.

They are nothing more than a scam company. :( :(

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