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A little over a year ago I purchased several items from a reputable Maryland furniture store. On their recommendation I purchased a protection plan for the three couches, chair and two tables.

At the time I considered the protection plan as a critical component to preserve my investment in new furniture. One item was delivered damaged and was immediately repaired by the store; however, a second item wasn't repaired due to the technician bringing the wrong fabric. Due to the elapse in time in scheduling a second visit I was told by the furniture store to utilize my protection plan. First, the automated request tool is cumbersome and time consuming.

It is simply not user friendly. It is also odd that one of the final steps in the process is the requirement to document your proof of purchase. The protection plan is really an agreement between the furniture store, the purchaser, and Guardsman and yet the burden of proof falls solely on you as the purchaser. There isn't an electronic transfer of the purchase agreement from the furniture store to Guardsman and if by chance you have lost your purchase agreement, you run the risk of being denied service.

Second, read every sentence in your agreement. I did not and the company stuck it to me hard. Over a period of 3 months my couch had a separation in a back cushion seam and a spring in a seat cushion came undone. Because neither was particularly troublesome I submitted a consolidated repair request more than a month after the damage occurred.

That delay was enough for Guardsman to deny my claim immediately without any recourse or dialogue on options. The young lady I was dealing with was rude, combative and offered no further assistance beyond the fact that they were refusing me service due to my failure to explicitly follow the guidelines for reporting damages. In my mind the situation wasn't critical and I reported it when I reasonably had spare time in my busy schedule. Again, I paid for a service that I reasonably expected to have in emergencies to protect and preserve a sizable investment in new furniture.

What I got was absolutely nothing except a frustrating electronic claims process followed by an absolutely horrible customer service experience. In the end a total waste of money and time which is odd, given that in this day and age of intense competition for service-based companies, Guardsman chose to stick it to the customer outright.

It was almost as if Guardsman was a one-and-done type company. I will certainly not use or recommend Guardsman to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Guardsman Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $725.

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I have Guardsman coverage and filed a claim and was very pleased.

Our sofa was repaired in a timely manner and they did a great job.

Sorry you are having problems.

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