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We purchased an expensive chair less than 5 years ago from ETHAN ALLEN. They encouraged us to purchase the GUARDSMAN WARRANTY that would enable us to get any stains removed during the first 5 years.

Recently, I contacted GUARDSMAN - a lengthy process of almost 30 days - and requested a cleaning for spots. Because I had mistakenly put down the date range since our last cleaning, they said I had NOT notified them within 5 days of the spotting. (Never mind that they take almost a month to process the request). Because of that, despite a phone call to explain that I DID notify them within 5 days of spotting, they said they WOULD NOT come out and clean the furniture.

They said that because I signed off that the information provided was accurate, that I opted out because of the date I put down. Basically, THEY ARE WEASELING OUT OF THEIR GUARANTEE TO CLEAN THE CHAIR DURING THE COVERED PERIOD OF TIME, KNOWING THAT IF THEY WAIT JUST A BIT LONGER, MY COVERAGE WILL EXPIRE!


Product or Service Mentioned: Guardsman Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Guardsman Cons: Warranty is too complicated and misleading, Denied claim based on semantics, Warranty is a scam, Warranty is very limited.

  • Useless Warranty
  • furniture care
  • Guardsman insurance
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We also purchased the Guardsman Protection Plan on our indoor and outdoor furniture. The service guy came out and offerered us a buyout to avoid doing the service our outdoor furniture due to mold and stains.

The plan covers your indoor furniture only when you have kids to marker up your sofa. Make dure you give them permanent markers and they will replace your sofa. Our salesperson had to instruct us on how to desl with their customer service since they record the conversations over the phone. Example - ‘My 4 year old drew all iver our sofa with permanent markers.’ Happened Tues this week.’ Technician comes out saying there is no way to clean it and you get full credit of what you paid for new sofa, etc.

Entire set was exchanged right before guardsman warranty expired. Gotta know how to use the plan, thanks to our sales person at Ethan Allen.

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