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At the same time we purchased the Guardsman Gold plan for $399.00. In the first few months after purchase we noticed cracks to 2 of the chairs slats. Guardsman would not fix or replace, and luckily Havertys gave us 2 replacement chairs. The quality of the 5 chains is extremely poor. The screws are constantly loosening and the final straw to our issue with these chairs occurred in June of 2016 when my teen son, who weighs 150 pounds was sitting...
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Guardsman Gold Furniture Protection Plan Review
Guardsman is refusing to honor its warrant on our 5 yr protection plan stating we should've known better than to but the particular sofas we bought because they are material and would stain. In an email they clearly state that food and beverages stains are not covered despite being told upon purchase that all food and beverage, grease, blood etc stains are covered. The gold plan is supposed to cover our furniture that we purchased from Havertys...
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