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I bought the most expensive couch Ashley furniture had to offer and the salesman "James" told me about the Guardsman furniture protection plan. He said you can burn your couch rip it,tear it and it is covered!

So in January I made a service request for a tear on my sectional in two different places! I went by Ashley furniture to get a copy of my sales receipt and the sales woman told me that my warranty was purchased on only three parts of my six piece sectional. I had never heard of anyone selling a warranty on a piece of a couch and not the whole thing! That's like saying to my guest only sit on the right side because the left sides not covered!

Would you buy a warranty on half of a refrigerator or half of a tv? No because the very idea is insane! So I had to raise my voice and threaten to sit outside there store and let every customer know what kind of scam yall are running! So finally two months later the manager refunded my money and purchased the Guardsman on the whole couch like I initially was suppose to have!

The manager said he spoke the the people at Guardsman and to send my service request form out and they would get my couch fixed ! So guardsman contacts me after saying that a tear in the couch is not covered and I said how when it'slisted in the brochure as a "covered" item. They then go to tell me that since the original form was sent in January it's been longer than thirty days! So I explain everything that had already happened and said the manger at Ashley Furniture had called and everything was suppose to be good!

They still said no therefore Guardsman just steals your money and I don't know what I can do about it ! Never buy Guardsman and if anyone knows something else I can do besides this post please let me know!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Guardsman Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $4300.

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I strongly agree with this review. I am living in Wisconsin and got Guradman protection when I purchased a sofa in Ashely funiture store.

People who deals with claim in Guardman are pretty rude and arrogant.

They deny my claims. Taking guardman

plan was waste of my money.


Been there and been ripped off by Guardsman too. They are such a fraud.

Should be run out if business. People, do not buy a Guardsman Pritection Plan as they deny all claims


Spilled some wine on the couch. Claimed right away.

6 months later Guardsman said they can't repair the damage because the couch isn't made any more. Their only offer is to give me back the money I paid for the Guardsman cover.

Crazy. Imagine if car insurance worked that way "sorry, we don't want to pay for all of that damage so we'll give you your insurance premium back because that's much cheaper for us".

*** *** ***.


Listen to these folks they are telling the truth. Guardsman is a huge scam and will do anything to not help you. I reported them to Nebraska Furniture Mart and theirs CSR told me that they get lots of complaints about Guardsman.


DO NOT ever purchase a furniture warranty plan from GUARDSMAN!!! I just got royally RIPPED-OFF, as apparently many others have.

A leather sofa I bought over 2 years ago, has 2 small tears in one of the cushions, which was supposed to be covered by Guardsman. I made a service request over 2 months ago, countless frustrating phone calls, emailed stuff to them...only to be curtly told that the Jennifer Convertible store I bought it from closed, so they can do NOTHING to repair my sofa. Jennifer Convertible's has NOT closed as a company, so why can't they still repair my sofa? My answer is...they NEVER intended to repair my sofa matter what.

Now, all I get is my $199.00 I spent on buying the fake warranty plan, and a sofa with a damage that I can't pay to fix.

I think there should be a class-action lawsuit, and I'd be the first to join it!!! Anyopne heard of one going on?


i too purchased that *** Guardsman insurance and got ripped off. I bought a Lane furniture sectional from Pilgram's in Southington.

they wanted nothing to do with me after the delivery took place. They told me to call Guardsman...what a waste of my time.

Back and foirth lots of phone calls lots of pictures and guess what I still have a damaged sectional that no one wants to hear about... If there is a class-action lawsuit please count me in.....


After weeks of back and forth,need more information,need more pictures,they tell me the scratches on the coffee table are not from a one time use.Oh really,did they not hear of parties? And the wholes in the couch didnt go all the way through to the fabric..denied.Not surprised.They make it as difficut as they can,because they know most people give up.I have requested a copy of the goof plan,because I cant find mine.Hope you will do what I plan on doing and that is filing a complaint with better business,and spreading the word to everyone,not to waste your time with.It is consumer fraud!


YES, I had two different claims denied this year. I hadn't called for anything the first four year.

Now they are saying it's just wear and tear. and it's not covered!!!


Are you people really this ***? I cant believe some off these complaits, The furnature stores are obviously selling these protection plans the wrong way and they must get a kick back on these plans for everone they sell.

How many of you actually read the plan before they throw the money down for it. Get real people


sounds like the furnature company that screwed you and you did ask enough question why are you blaming guardsman?


I,too have had nothing but headaches with this fraudulant company, Guardsman. They make you jump through hoops and still deney the claims.

Customer service just keeps repeating the same sentence over and over when your trying to explain the claim.

I finally asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and was told "no I will not transfer or get anyone else to talk to." If anyone knows of lawsuit against them I would love to join in. I will never buy this protection plan again and I will never buy from Pilgram Furniture either, when I called them to complain about this plan that their store is promoting, they,too did not care.I also think their furniture is not very well made.


I bought their plan on a "bigman" chair. Called for a claim because I got DEODORANT(of all things) on the chair. They said they wouldnt cover that

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