Newark, New Jersey
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In 2008, I purchased a Guardsman Elite five-year plan to cover furniture breakage on dining room chairs. In June 2012, one of the backs of the dining room chairs broke off from the stool.

I reported the damage the same week and sent pictures. Two weeks later, a customer service representative called me to ask further questions. She refused service claiming that it was not part of my service agreement. When I told her it was in fact in my agreement, she insisted that Guardsman can't offer me service.

She was also rude and condescending. This is not only poor customer service, but simply fraud.

If I had the time and the money, I would take this to court. I will never purchase a Guardsman plan again.

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I purchased the same plan Elite five year I have submitted 2 claims both have been denied.

I would not recommend this company STAY AWAY from Guardsman

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