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Well lets start with 5 year warranty w a 30 day mail in claus and my Mom whom is hospitalized at Christmas . Which she'd called and wow forgot about until the week it was due.

Ok so i have find the receipt (a piece of paper with very little info from Jeromes) and crawl on the floor and find a tag with a lot less. Did i mention I'd had back surgery in Sept...... So i call and explain . Come january they said it was received one day late!?!

Well i explain i had called and would understand if it was Christmas, and taxes coming out . Id drove to the main post office where i had to get the walker out and me. To get it there faster... and fyi all big cooperation us bulk mail and they return even if its stamped bulk when the amount of mail is received at bulk rate.

If you know how mail works. I'll be *** if they would not do this repair.

I said where's the money cuz if that's how then no service no contract....write a letter.....i said best get a new job cuz i'm going to shut their doors!!!!!!!!! Real nice to couple of crippled old dolls!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Guardsman Customer Care.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Well the guardsman company really is bad customer service! Sounds like unsupervised teenagers!

Jerome stepped up ! Really cuz my mom started it right around christmas which ended up with her in the hospital and having the lil miss say " you missed it by a day at xmas "!! I dont think so!

They are not quality for sure! Thank you


Call your tv station to do a story!

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