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1) I purchased the Gold Complete policy in 2016 when I purchased by Bassett sectional sofa. I am single, have no children and take very good care of my furniture, but a seam separated recently on one of my cushions, so I filed a claim for a seam separation.

2) Guardsman sent out a technician who led me to believe the seam separation would be covered

3) I received a short email from Guardsman telling me my claim was denied

4) I called to ask that they review the claim again, and was told the decision was final

5) I asked if I could appeal the decision

6) they gave me the address where legal notices should be sent so apparently they frequently have people complain and they refer them to their legal department in a split second

I will never purchase a protection plan from Guardsman ever again. In my opinion, it's a rip off!

Product or Service Mentioned: Guardsman Gold Complete Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $199.

Preferred solution: Cover the repair of the seam separation.

Guardsman Cons: Did not honor warranty.

  • Guardsman - Ripoff
  • Terrible Customer Care
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Not only should you never buy a protection plan from Guardsman again, but you might seriously reconsider buying these things on anything you buy in the future. You are better-off in just banking the money for when you actually need to just replace an item.

These companies are in the business to make money, not throw it away on customers who want free repairs, etc.

Everyone involved in your product purchase, eg., the store, salesman, the protection company get a piece of the money you pay for the plan. Now you know.


KITCHEN!! We missed ya!!

I partially agree with you. Any warranty is a chance purchase. Depending on both the item purchased and the type of plan involved. When I ran a RadioShack we had a protection plan for cables.

Cables fail no matter how well you take care of them. If someone’s cable failed they would bring it in for a free replacement. The only thing that was ever charged was if they wanted another warranty on the new cable. That was a great warranty and many of my customers took advantage of it.

Now the flip side is when I purchased a carpet cleaner at wally world. I paid a extra $60 for a warranty. Then when I had to use said warranty I ran into all kinds of issues. Walmart said no it’s a REPAIR warranty.

Bissel said it was a replacement warranty. I let them fight it out and ended up having to get it repaired. Here’s the rub. It literally took a entire year to get it fixed and paid for before I got it back.

Warranties aren’t bad when it’s fair for both parties. It’s never fair when the protection plans pretty much favor only the warranty company. I always suggest that if you are offered a warranty take a few mins and read the paperwork. Educating yourself is the best protection against getting screwed.

Sometimes it is best to just save the cash and buy a new item.

Sometimes it’s best to get the warranty but only when it protects YOU. -Durpa-

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