I purchased a sectional from Bob's discount furniture. the salesman really pushed the guardsman contract since I have 3 kids and 2 dogs, swore everything would be covered.

this is not the case called 5 times in 3 years. 1st time was threatened by the serviceman, I wouldn't allow him in my home. whenI complained customer service said it was me. founmd a rip in cushion and they sent soemone .

Wasn't covered. called in January and wear and tear is covered. the only thing that would be covered( I think) is if an elephant sat on the couch and crused it. what a waste of hard earned money.

I tried to get an adress to write to the presient but can't find an address. Save your slf time and money do not use this company.

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Can't believe this company is still in business..I agree with all of you...THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF!!! They put you through the ringer from beginning to end.

From the time you submit your request,it takes two weeks to hear anything from them....then they want photo's (nasty to boot)....then another two weeks goes by only to be told "sorry, not covered." I will never, never, never purchase another contract from these people nor will I ever recommend them to anyone.

If I make another furniture purchase and the sales representative even dares to recommend purchasing a contract from these people I will surely let him or her know what the real deal is with this company. Shut them down...that's what they deserve!


Agree. Do not purchase a service contract. I have been waiting since 2007 for a response.

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