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I was naive - bought the Guardsman policy on furniture i purchased from Bob's Discount Furniture.One of my kids ripped the couch.

Followed all their rules - submitted pictures - they said my furniture had dry rot and i submitted a fraudulent claim. I contacted the BBB in Michigan and the attorney general in Michigan. This whole process of delay and deny if fraud on their part.

I am trying to organize a class action lawsuit - they are definitely committing fraud against consumers.My email is please email me your story, email address so i can start compiling a list for an attorney.

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We had an experience with guardsman as well when they insisted a wine stain was dirt (which they don't cover)

Email me at if this happens and I'm in!


I can be a part of Guardsmen case.

My story is round around Sears furniture.

Bought my sofa and love seat.

Made claim accepted they were replacing it then Sears went bankrupt.Now getting only 30% of the value or warranty money back.


I had an even worse experience.I h ad a custom made leather sectional made.

I p unchanged from The Great Escape. I was shown swatches of leathers that I could

Choose from that would be suitable to use. I chose one and was NEVER told

That this was a synthetic bonded leather.. I was not informed that it was not


I spent over $2600.00 for the sectional.

I also too out the 5 year warranty with Guardsman.

I bought it in Aug 2011.. and in Aug 2017 it began to peel. I hardly ever sat on sofa it was just for show mostly So it was 1 year past warranty and guardsman will not honor a claim Now. I called and spoke to store mgr, who apologized but said There was nothing he could do!.

The manufacturer of the couch filed chapter 11 And went out of business! I told him he should still stand by the products he sold But repeated there was nothing he could do!! He suggested googling class action lawsuits F I r bonded leather couches. I did that and found your comments I am looking an appropriate class action l eat her aw suit to join!


I also called channel t responds..there apparently are hundreds Of these cases..and they are getting refunds Google it and you will see a's maddening!I also reported this to my us congressman To begin legislation to combat to his crime!


Annette J terrible customer service, would be willing to share my experience


Would like to join this claim if still active.

to Josh A #1364894

Do you know if anyone started a class action lawsuit?I have been having nothing but issues.

Nobody returns a call. This has been going on for several months. I think they drag this on so by the time they actually come out, our warranty is expired. I filled out a piece of paper for each piece I needed repaired.

My kitchen table chairs had small nicks.This requires 7 seperate forms.

Portland, Maine, United States #1356755

Get this - they approved my claim for a pet stain to be cleaned.Said that the cleaner they contract with would be in touch within a week.

Followed up two weeks later, oh, nope, Guardsman doesn't contract with any furniture cleaners in my area.How can this policy be useful?!

Houston, Texas, United States #1346687

Any luck with class action? Would love to join. Houston.


OMG!!! If you people would read your plans you would be informed!!! Your fault!!

to Anonymous Davenport, Florida, United States #1356926

*** ! The plan clearly states it will cover damage, stains ,rips and pet damage. It is Guardsman who is the SCAM company deciving consumers.

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