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Be aware if you buy this warranty. If they replace a part (adjustable bed), that part is no longer covered by the warranty. If they replace the bed, no part is covered. So if you have a problem in the first two years as I did, the warranty is worthless. The warranty costs more than the part so you are SOL if you need to have it fixed again. I was told by the technician that this part (motor) only lasts two years. by the way it has now taken... Read more

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100% FULL

Guardsman - Total Scam
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I was able to remove a stain with their product, but their product left a big ring and now they refuse to fix it. Don't ever pay extra for this service and just hire someone or use Folex instead. A bird flew into my house took a *** on my chair and because the bird was not a pet of mine, it is not covered. However if one of my pet chickens came into my house and took what I am sure would have been a much larger *** it would have been covered.... Read more

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Buying the guardsman extended warranty was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent when it came time for them to honor the warranty they would say it's not covered under their plan. Finally got them to cover something and they send some *** out that made my table look worse than it was. I'm going to make it a mission of mine to go on every site I can and tell consumers my expireance and discourage them from wasting their money also next... Read more

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I don't recommend this warranty!we bought a table and chairs and bought a warranty through guardsman and when we had a issue with our furniture they wouldn't cover it gave us the run around saying it wasn't covered finally got technician to come out and fix a gouge we had on are table and he melted some plastic *** to fill it in now the varnish is gone in that spot it's rough in that area and the plastic stuff came off now gouge is there again.... Read more

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Guardsman is refusing to honor its warrant on our 5 yr protection plan stating we should've known better than to but the particular sofas we bought because they are material and would stain. In an email they clearly state that food and beverages stains are not covered despite being told upon purchase that all food and beverage, grease, blood etc stains are covered. The gold plan is supposed to cover our furniture that we purchased from Havertys... Read more

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WORST company out there. Customer service is a joke. Waste of money forsure! Would not reccommend paying for there "insurance" . Add comment

Please do not get a warranty, it covers nothing. I called last year got denied, called this year got denied from a different incident with my leather couch. Ashley Furniture salesperson lied. Super misleading. Add comment

Worst decision I ever made was to buy one of their warranties on my Couch, Loveseat and Ottoman. Not only did they make me jump through hoops (extensive paperwork, detailed pictures, etc) in order to make a claim, they denied me my claim because I didn't put in the paperwork within the 5 day limit from when the stain(s)occurred. Now, I'm not one to generally complain, so I simply waited until I thought the couch could use a cleaning of food... Read more

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Denise in customer service in Michigan, I guess, is incompetent. She really just wasn't up to the task of helping me. Every number and name she asked me for was wrong or wasn't in tgeir system. She was cold and unwilling to be of service. She should probably become a prison guard instead. Add comment

I paid a ton to get an insurance which I purchased at the time of buying the furniture and when something was wrong with the furniture and i called the company they made me fill out and take pictures of the furniture and I did all that and then at the end I hear from them telling me that nothing is covered so basically I have to deal with this furniture because whatever that was wrong it was not covered. I usually do not get insurance for this... Read more

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